Disciplinary Procedures

It is our Club’s policy to be inclusive at all times and to work with swimmers and their parents to help them reach the required standards of behaviour. However, we have a duty of care to all our members and we cannot allow the behaviour of individuals to unduly affect any other members Breaches of the Code of Conduct for Swimmers will initially be dealt with by the Coach/teacher

1) The swimmer will be reprimanded by way of a verbal warning.

2) The swimmer will be asked to get out of the pool and have ‘time out’.

3) If a second incident occurs the coach/teacher will repeat the above process and also inform the Welfare Officer and Club Chair. The Welfare Officer will record the incident, making a note of the date, time and a description of the behaviour. The Welfare Officer will inform the parents of the incident.

4) Should a third incident occur, the above process will be followed but a written warning will be given and a meeting will be arranged between the swimmer, parent/guardian, coach, welfare officer and club chair to discuss the incident and to address behavioural issues.

Any further behavioural issues could result in the swimmer being suspended for a time period determined by the Club, or permanent exclusion if the behaviour is considered damaging to the ethos of the club. At the discretion of the Club coach, a swimmer may be asked to leave the pool immediately, if the behaviour displayed warrants such action. In this instance the Welfare Officer would be informed as soon as possible, along with the parents. Please also be advised that the club reserves the right to suspend or expel any club members; including committee members, coaches, teachers and volunteers, if their behaviour is deemed as being repeatedly unacceptable and or detrimental to the efficient running of the club.

The committee shall make the final decision on all disciplinary matters.

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