Safeguarding Procedures

Support for our younger members 

We understand that things can be a little bit tough at times and you might have had a bad day at school or fallen out with your friends, and you might not feel like swimming. If you feel like this, please talk to your coach or another member of our swimming family, you never know, they might be able to cheer you up and a good swim might be just what you need to feel better! You might have lots of questions to ask, but not know who to talk to, hopefully this next bit might help.

What do I do if I’m feeling tired during a session?

We all feel tired at times so don’t worry, speak to your coach and ask if you can take a bit more rest between sets. You can also help by making sure you try to get enough sleep, especially during the school week.

What do I do If I feel poorly during a session?

Tell your coach so that they know you aren’t feeling well. If you can carry on with your swimming then great, but if you have to get out early that’s fine too. Just remember to tell your coach so that they can let a club member know to contact your parents.

Who can I talk to if I’m not happy at club?

There are lots of people who can help you. Talk to your parents or guardians so that they can let us know. Your coach will also be able to help you, and we have committee members who you can talk to if you aren’t happy. Please don’t worry, most problems can be sorted out very quickly and easily.

What do I do If I’m being picked on at club?

You must tell your parents, and your coach. They will tell the people who can help you. We have people in our club who can stop bad behaviour by other children or adults, so please don’t be afraid to tell us.

You might have a different question to ask and that’s fine, just remember there is always someone who you can talk to with any worries you might have. You can ask to speak to Ben or Tash, they are our safeguarding team and they will do their best to help you with any problems you might have. And if they can’t help you, they will know someone who can!

Never be worried about asking for help, we all need it sometimes!

Late collection of children/vulnerable adults policy

This policy has been prepared using the latest guidance from Swim England’s Wavepower document as referenced in section 2.4, pages 101 -102.

We fully understand that there are occasions when parents/guardians may not be able to collect their child or vulnerable adult on time, due to circumstances out of their control. This may be after training or an event. Where possible we encourage parents/guardians to get a message to either the club coach or a committee member that they are delayed, with their guidance on what they require the club to do, ie, the parent/guardian must give their consent should they wish for another parent to take their child home. Should the club not receive any message informing us that a parent/guardian is delayed, the following procedures will be put in place.

1) We will use the contact information provided by the parent or guardian. If we cannot get a reply from the contact number given, we reserve the right to ask the child/vulnerable adult if they have contact details for another family member we can contact.

2) If we cannot get a reply from the alternative contact or we have not been able to contact anyone else, after 20 minutes, the club will consult the police and or one of our Local Authority Support Network Organisations for advice on the appropriate action required.

3) St Austell ASC must ensure that a child under 16 or a vulnerable adult is never left alone. Children over 16 may take themselves home, however, it is the club’s responsibility to assess situations as they arise and deal with them appropriately.

4) Until a child/vulnerable adult is collected, two appropriate officers who hold DBS checks where possible or other parents/guardians must remain with the individual.

5) Should a child/vulnerable adult need to be transported to a place of safety in an emergency
situation, this should be done only by two adults (ideally club officers or a coach) who have been DBS checked. In all instances the child/vulnerable adult should be seated in the back.

If a parent/guardian collecting a child/vulnerable adult appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and there are concerns for the individual’s safety, we will, at our discretion and if felt necessary, gain advice from the police and or our local authority support network.

The Club should avoid

– Taking the child/vulnerable adult home, or to another location.
– Asking the child/vulnerable adult to wait with them alone, either in the club premises or in a vehicle.
– Sending the child/vulnerable adult home without the express consent of another responsible

Repeated late Collection of children or vulnerable adults

If there are repeated incidents of late collection without a valid or reasonable explanation, we will arrange to meet with the parent/guardian to discuss any problems that they may be experiencing. It may be a temporary issue that can be easily resolved by arranging transport with another parent. If, however there are no changes, the Club reserves the right to support the Welfare Officer in contacting the relevant authorities for their advice, along with informing the Swim England Child Safeguarding team.

What do I do if I have concerns for the welfare of a child or club member? 

Initially, please refer any concerns to one of our safeguarding team.

Ben Thompson  – Welfare Officer – 07783351654
Tash Coon – Deputy Welfare Officer and Pastoral care – 07783351654

Both have been trained to deal with welfare concerns and they are your first point of contact.

If you feel the child or member is in immediate danger and should not be allowed to go home, please inform the club coach and try to contact the welfare officer first. If you feel that the issue is time dependant please inform the leisure centre staff and then call the police.

Our Swim England safeguarding support network 

County Welfare Officer – Martin MacDonald – macandsandy@btinternet.com

Regional Welfare Officer – Marion Britton – marion_britton@yahoo.co.uk

National Safeguarding Officer – Joanne Garey – joannegarey@swimming.org 

National Child Safeguarding Manager – Jenni Dearman 

Head of Safeguarding and Welfare – Kevin Suckling

Safeguarding Case Manager – James Diamond

To contact any of the above you can email safeguarding@swimming.org or contact 01509 640700, Option 1 for Swim England and Option 3 for Safeguarding. 

Local Authority support network

The police – 999

Mulit Agency safeguarding hub (MASH) – 0345 155 1071

Multi agency referral unit (MARU) – 0300 1231 116

Local Authority designated officer (LADO) – 01872 326536

NSPCC child protection hotline – 0808 800 5000

Should you need to contact any of the above services, please make a note of who have you have spoken to and the incident referral number you have been given. You should pass this information to one of our safeguarding team as soon as possible so that we can inform the Swim England safeguarding team.

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