Club Procedures

Procedures for Swimmers

Below is a list of questions that will help you to understand what swimming at St Austell ASC is like.

What must I do before attending St Austell ASC sessions?

  • DO NOT swim or come to a session if you are unwell; we do not want to spread any germs. We know that colds and flu are common in the Autumn/Winter – we don’t want to spread those either. If you are unsure and are questioning yourself it probably means it is not the time to come – please think of others, be cautious and stay at home.
  • Where possible, please come to the session ‘Beach ready.’ This means with your costume on underneath your clothes.
  • If you have your own equipment, please bring for your own personal use. Coaches would like everyone to have their own equipment (we do have a 2nd hand shop on Tuesdays, please ask the team) as follows:
    • Sharks 1 & 2 – Goggles, Hat and Kickboard
    • Junior Sharks – Goggles, Hat, Kickboard and Fins
    • Development – Goggles, Hat, Kickboard, Fins and Pull Buoy
    • Intermediates – Goggles, Hat, Kickboard, Fins and Pull Buoy
    • Junior & Senior Performance – Goggles, Hat, Kickboard, Fins, Pull Buoy and Snorkel
  • Please make sure you have a spare hat and goggles for all sessions.
  • Please bring a water bottle filled with plenty of water. You may not be able to refill at the pool. Make sure it is clearly labelled with your name. A litre bottle would be ideal. Your water bottle should be placed poolside so you can drink frequently.
  • You will receive a hat as part of your membership. Extra hats can be purchased at £5 per hat.

What will happen when I arrive?

  • Make sure you arrive on time for your session.
  • Head straight for the changing rooms.
  • Girls to use the changing rooms on the left. Boys to use the changing rooms on the right. Please do not use the disabled facilities.
  • You will then take your outer layers off and put them in your bag. Put your hat and goggles on before entering poolside.
  • If you wish to leave your belongings in the changing rooms, please put them in a locker as we cannot accept responsibility for any missing items. You can leave your changing bags on the T-section (next to the diving pool).
  • Make sure you have all your equipment and water bottle out ready for when needed. If you have an asthma inhaler, please make sure that it is easy to get to and is clearly marked with your name.
  • Please wait on the T-section (next to diving pool) and your coach will call your group to be registered.
  • It is important you listen carefully to the instructions as not everyone can get in at once.

During a session:

  • Listen carefully to the instructions. If you are in the deep end, you might have to tread water to do this; you could also be asked to get out on poolside.
  • If someone is slowing you down, let the coach know so that they can rearrange the order of your lane.

What if I feel tired?

  • If you are tired, let your coach know and you can rest, but please get out of the pool and sit with your belongings for time  out. An adult will check that you are okay. If you feel well enough, you can get back in.

What if I don’t feel well?

  • If you do not feel well, you must tell an adult immediately.

How do we leave at the end of a session?

  • Your coach will advise you when your session has finished.
  • Get out of the pool and walk sensibly to the changing room.
  • From the pool area, boys can use the left changing rooms and girls to use the right changing rooms to get dried and dressed. Please do not use the disabled facilities.
  • Your parents will need to meet you at the changing room door, in reception or in the café.

Parent Information

Please read the information below:
  • Please make sure that you have filled in both Membership Form and Medical Form. Forms should be completed online by clicking the links. It is a simple procedure that takes just a few minutes to complete – remember, no form = no swim..
  • Please read through the ‘Procedures for Swimmers’ above, with your child/children.
  • Please be prompt with your timing for dropping off and collecting your child/children.
  • You can spectate from the café. In fact, we actively encourage you to support your children by watching them swim. You will have a greater appreciation of their progress, meet other swim parents, and see what our  volunteers are up to.
  • For younger swimmers, (under 12’s) we ask you to meet them at the entrance to the changing rooms. Over 12’s can be met in the reception or café. PLEASE NOTE the club’s  responsibility for your child/children ends once they leave poolside. We do not check children out.


For speed of turnaround, we would advise children have a shower once they get home. If a child wishes to have a shower after their swim, we ask parents or guardian to wait by the changing room doors for speed and safeguarding. We ask those swimming until 9pm do not shower at Polkyth due to how late it is for all of us. Thank you for your understanding.
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