Water Polo

St Austell Water Polo

Did you know that the game can be traced back in St Austell to just after the 2nd World War, with games regularly being played in Charlestown harbour?  Now-a-days we prefer to play in the warmth of St Austell Swimming Pool!

How do you play Water Polo?

Water Polo is a team sport played in the water with football like goals at each end of the pool and a football size rubber ball.  The ball can only be caught and held with one hand at a time, and can’t be taken under the water.

What does Water Polo offer?

At St Austell Water Polo we aim to play the sport, have fun, develop new skills and make friends. Water Polo is a competitive sport and we will teach you all the rules and skills needed to enjoy this amazing sport.

How old do you need to be to join Water Polo?

We are looking for swimmers who are competent in the water and how are at least 8 years of age. You must be able to confidently swim 25m.

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