Training Timetable

Below is the timetable for training.  We like you to attent as many as you can!

Junior Sharks 130 mins6-6:30pm
Junior Sharks 230 mins6-6:30pm
or 6:30pm-7pm
Junior Sharks 330 mins6-6:30pm
or 6:30pm-7pm
Junior Sharks 41 Hour6-7pm
Development Squad2 Hours7-8pm7-8pm
Intermediate Squad3 Hours7-8m7-8pm5:30-6:30pm
Junior Performance Squad4.5 Hours7-8pm7:30-8:30pm6:30-7:30am4-5:30pm
Senior Performance Squad8 Hours8-9:30pm7:30-9pm6:30-7:30am
& 7-9pm
Senior Fitness2 Hours8-9pm8-9pm
Water Polo Juniors1 Hour8:30-9:25am
Water Polo Seniors1 Hour9-10pm
Masters1 Hour8:50-9:50am