We are a registered Swim England Club.

All our coaching, grading and competing meets the Swim England criteria  so you won't get anything better!

Synchro is great fun for all ages, it builds core strength, enables swimmers to aim for personal bests whilst also being part of a team.

New Swimmers must be able to swim one length unaided to start synchro

Meet the Team

Christine Merrifield is a Level 2 Synchro Coach.  She also serves as the current Chairperson of the St Austell Amateur Swimming Club and sits on the County Swimming Commitee too.  Chris works with swimmers on individual figure work.

Viv Ebbs is a Level 2 Synchro Coach.  She recently stepped down as the County Competitions Secretary after over 20 years so what she doesn't know about Synchro probably isn't worth knowing!  Viv works more specifically within our club to ensure swimmers are familiar with specific figures.

Michelle Russell aka Shell is our choreography coach.  She is level one trained and has competed as well as coached for many years.  Shell co ordinates the teams, the music and the routines for all competitions and displays.

Jenny Sanchez is a Synchro Mum who has been co opted into coaching!  She has successfully coached the 13/14year team at competition level.

Rachel Bennetts manages the administration, co ordinating between coaches, parents & club committee.  She inducts new swimmers and oversees the running of the squad. (manager@synchroswimming.co.uk)

Becci Stoneman is a Synchro Mum who liaises with parents/carers about week to week information e.g. session time changes, kit orders and special events (info@synchroswimming.co.uk).

Gemma Stephens is a Synchro Mum who manages the administration of competitions and events (comp@synchroswimming.co.uk).