Fees payable from September 2018 are: -


All members to pay subscription of £55 on enrolment and renewal

Annual Training Fees (totals inc subscription) are: -

  • Leopard and Tiger Sharks                                       £185 (total £240)     Class 1 Fees

  • Development Squad                                                 £250 (total £305)     Class 2 Fees

  • Junior Interm & Senior Fitness Squads                 £285 (total £340)     Class 3 Fees

  • Junior Performance Squad                                     £355 (total £410)     Class 4 Fees

  • Senior Performance Squad                                     £450 (total £505)     Class 5 Fees

  • Novice Synchro                                                         £220 (total £275)     Class 2 Fees

  • Synchro                                                                      Class fees dependent on sessions attended

  • Masters Synchro                                                       monthly, 1st incl £55subs of £69 + 9 payments of £14

  • Masters and Water Polo only                                   £55 subs plus £3.50 per session


Junior Water Polo swimmers – one session pay £55 subs and £168 training fees, Total £223.

If paying monthly the first payment will be £69 with 11 monthly payments of £14, or (unless they are already

paying fees for a Squad and are not using all their hours) For swimmers paying Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 fees and

using all their hours, you can pay for the next class fee up for example if you pay Class 1 you can pay Class 2 fees

for the year. If you pay Class 5 fees no further monies are required.

Senior Water Polo swimmers- for one session a week pay £55 subs and £154 training fees. Total £209.

Payment can either be in full or monthly. If paying monthly, the first payment must include the £55

subs. 1st payment of £66 with 11 monthly payments of £13.00

For two sessions a week – £55 subs and £285 training fees. Total £340

The first payment must include the £55 subs. 1st payment of £65 with 11 monthly payments of £25.

*Please note all water polo fees are now payable either in full or monthly by standing order*

Swimmers joining part way throught the training year will be required to pay pro rata fees.

Please note - remaining in any of these squads will be continually reassessed and will depend on performance

and attendance