Kit Bag List

Equipment Required

  • Water Bottle – (1-2 Litre Bottle max)

  • Spare goggles and hat – A personal choice but Speedo Fastskins Elite goggles do a good job for a lot of swimmers!

  • Spare Swimming Costume or Trunks

  • Pull Buoy – Be aware that these come in 2 sizes, the younger swimmers will need the junior size.

  • Training Fins – Medium to short length, silicon is softer than rubber so this may reduce the risk of rubbing the swimmers’ heels. Open heel training fins could be advantageous in giving more flexibility to a swimmers’ ankles.

  • Kickboard – Cut out handle kickboards will make it easier for the swimmer to kick with their head down in the water, which reduces stress to their shoulders.

  • Training Snorkel**Junior & Senior Performance – Check out Proswimwears’ website, there is a great article on why training snorkels are used in competitive swimming.

  • Finger/Hand Paddles**Junior & Senior Performance – These should be just slightly bigger than the swimmers’ hands, roughly 10%, to big a hand paddle will cause stress to the swimmers’ shoulders.

  • Wet bag – A large string bag to put all of the above in for training!
    Amazon, Swimpath, Proswimwear, Swim shop, Allens of Kingsbury and local sports shops will all stock what is required in your kit bag.

    Please make sure you have all the items with you for each session so you can make the most of the session prepared by the coaching team.

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