Gala Day Checklist

It is important that all swimmers have the correct kit with them at galas.

Please see our helpful guide below:

Kit Bag List

  • Water Bottle-Preferably filled with water or weakened down juice.  Dehydration on a hot poolside runs the risk of reduced performance in your races!

  • Goggles x2-Goggles break, be prepared!

  • Club hat x2-Hat’s rip!

  • Swimming Costume or Trunks x2 -Ideally you should be changing out of your wet costume or trunks after warm-ups and racing to help keep your body warm which will reduce the risk of injuries.

  • Club T-Shirt-Your body needs to keep warm to prevent injuries; cold muscles are stiff, stiff muscles are prone to injuries.

  • Poolside shoes-Required if you need to leave poolside but will also help reduce the risk on poolside of catching verrucas.

  • Towels x2-Keep one dry for the end of the gala for when you are getting changed to go home, it will help prevent you from feeling cold!

  • Swimbag-To put all the above in!  Try not to leave your goggles and hat on top of your bag after your races, these can easily be lost, place them well into your bag.

  • Snacks-Try to make these healthy, filling and nutritious, galas can be very long days.  Fresh fruit does wonders for your performances, sweets don’t! If you need advice on gala food, ask your coaches!

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