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Volunteers are vital to ensure that St Austell Swimming Club can operate and we would welcome anyone who feels that they can contribute to come forward. There are a variety of different opportunities available and anyone who is keen to help is encouraged to come and talk to us. Most of the volunteers have either been a member or parent of a member, but we are always open to widening our reach to anyone with skills that would help continue the successful running of the club.

At St Austell Swimming Club we believe that the more volunteers the club can attract the better this will be as it will give us more opportunities and options to help the swimmers develop their skills. 

Contact us if you would like to volunteer as we always have roles to fill. At present, we could specifically do with some help in the following areas:

  • Treasurer
  • Competition Secretary (Assistant)
  • Parent Liaison Support
  • Water Polo Secretary
  • Level 2 Coach
  • Swim Teachers
  • Officials / Timekeepers
  • Trophy Secretary / Coordinator

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